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Julia Brendler
Julia Brendler's date of birth was on exactly Eight 0' clock of February 26, 1975.
She was tremendously born by her mom who has a heart problem at the hospital in Schwedt, German Democratic Republic that is now Brandenburg, Federal Republic of Germany.
Julia Brendler's mother died due to her birth that causes for the her dad to hate her.
Eversince grew up with the father doesn't feel love which she must have when her mother is still alive.
Her life wasn't seen meaningful living with a blaming father like she has experiencing but through aunt's love and guidance has accumulately strived for herself and continue to fight to live.
A years of sacrifices passed when suddenly came out her passion in theaters and been encouraged and introduced by her relatives in some producers knowned.
As she ruined the screening in the production was immediately does her first film and television appearances such as Verbotene Liebe in 1989, Geboren at 1999, and also Jana und Jan in 1992.
In fact after putting her into films has soon given more projects that is unexpectedly received and played part as a cast together with prominent actresses.
A major problem of a man in a woman is that girls are so moody, Julia Brendler is the type of person who is moody when it comes to sex, when there is someone fucking her and she's not in the mood you will get the feeling that you are just fucking a prostitute.
But a part of that when you are on the right timing and you fuck Julia and she is in the mood you are gonna be the luckiest man in the world because this girls does it all when it comes to sex like anal, blow job and any kind of position you wanted.
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