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Jordana Brewster
Jordana Brewster was born in Panama City, Panama on April 26th of 1980 to her father, Alden Brewster (an investment banker), and her mother, Maria Joao (a former Sports Illustrated covergirl swinsuit model). Jordana lived in Great Britain for six years, then moved to Rio de Janiero, Brazil and lived there for four years. During Jordana's time in Brazil, girl got a small part as one of many children who danced on the popular kids show, "Xuxa Against Evil". It didn't take Jordana long to realize that girl wanted to be an actor. When girl moved to New York in the United States of America, Jordana attended a school for girls where girl appeared in numerous theatrical performances, one of which was Godspell, where Brewster played the part of Jesus Christ.
To persue her career in acting, after Jordana studied theater at Weist-Barron, she then joined the Professional School for Children. While schooling, she received a one-day job on the television soap opera All My Children as character Anita Santos. It was immediately following this episode that girl was offered a continuing role on "As The World Turns" where girl played the character Nikki Munson-Graves. actress spent 3 years working on ATWT. During that time, actress was up for a part in the blockbuster movie "Independence Day". Jordana had to turn down the role because her obligations in her contract with ATWT's would not permit her time to do it.
It was shortly after, that Jordana decided to quit her television job to attend Yale University. Having no obligations with television, Jordana then defered her enrollment at Yale for a year and decided to try motion picture acting. It turned out to be a nice start when Jordana got the part of Delilah Proffitt in Robert Rodriguez's sci-fi film "The Faculty". With the film, came the promotions for the film. Jordana was featured in many Tommy Hilfiger ads and also appeared in the remake of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (part 2)" video by Class of 99. Jordana made a featurette along with the other cast members and crew to promote "The Faculty" called "Invasion of the Fright Films". "Invasion" aired on MTV and Jordana got some major exposure. Shorty after "The Faculty" was released in theaters, Jordana got a part on NBC's mini-series movie "The 60's" directed by Lynda Obst. This then led to her first lead role in a film called "The Invisible Circus" by Adam Brooks.
Though the movie was only released in limited theaters, it was a learning experience for her. Jordana had started her education at Yale and was entering her sophomore year as an English Major, when Brewster found another role to her liking. Taking time to do the film, Brewster came to play "Mia Toretto" in the surprise blockbuster "The Fast and the Furious". This movie has given her the much needed exposure to jump-start her career. Though currently, Brewster has returned to Yale to continue her studies, we expect many more opportunities for this beautiful and talented actess.
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